Champions are strong characters with special skills and boosts that can lead your army battalions! Depending on the type of each Champion assigned to a battalion, you will be able to equip different troop/unit types. The Champions types are:
  • Officer, specializing in Combat
  • Miner, specializing in Mining
  • Engineer, specializing in Siege Machines
You can view all the Champions (owned or not) through their tab, found in the navigation bar, next to the "Family" tab. Then by tapping on the "Recruit" button, you will be redirected to the "Stuff" tab, "Champions" sub-tab where they can be unlocked by using Gold/Silver/Bronze Champion Tokens.

To unlock and upgrade a Champion, you need to collect the required number of shards. The required number varies depending on each Champion's rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic).

Tokens can be mainly found through your Daily quests and chests, however there are other ways to find shards for certain Champions, like completing quests from the single-player storyline or by attacking NPC camps around the map.

All Champions can be upgraded up to tier 4 and they can be leveled up to level 20 (5 levels per tier). Each tier enables a new set of levels and each level increases the bonus percentages related to their skills.

Most Champions increase your battalion stats passively, however some also have active skills that get auto-triggered while in battle!

To assign a Champion to your army:
  • Go to the "Armies" tab
  • Tap "Assemble Army"
  • Choose the Noble to lead
  • Tap on any of the battalion slots and pick your preferred Champion
If you need more information while choosing, you can always tap the little "scroll" icon next to their name.