Any Noble captured in combat or through Noble interactions, is held in the Dungeon of the player that captured them. This player has 3 options:
  • Release, returning them to their home keep right away
  • Ransom, sending a request for resources in exchange for the prisoner. This is done via the 1:1 chat between the two players and can be negotiated. If accepted the ransom is paid and the Noble is released
  • Execute, scheduling them for execution
When a Noble is scheduled for execution the other player is notified and a 1:1 chat is opened between the players involved. The executor can cancel the execution at any point, but if the execution takes place the Noble is killed and is lost forever, as if they were sacrificed in the Volcano.

The "Execute" action is available only for Executioner role Nobles and is unlocked with their 4th tier talents. To execute, have them interact with one of your captured Nobles located in your Keep's Dungeon.