Once you have the Mask Of Many Faces (which can be found in some high level Dungeons and the Item Store) you have the ability to steal the identity and assume the appearance of any other Noble. This gives you access not only to their own Keep, but the Keeps of any of their alliance members. Any action you take while in disguise is reported to the other players as being perpetrated by the Noble who's identity you stole!
  • First equip the mask to the hand slot (weapon slot) and interact with the Noble whose identity you want to steal
  • Once stolen, tap on your Noble again and choose the "Use Mask" option
  • The mask is automatically equipped to your head slot (helmet slot), releasing your hand slot
  • Now your Noble will appear to be the Noble whose identity you stole for a period of time
If you wish to steal someone's identity with one of your Nobles and assume the stolen identity with another one of your Nobles, all you have to do is to unequip the Mask after stealing the identity from your target and equip it on a Noble of your choice before using it.

WARNING: If you are spotted by the Noble whose identity you stole, or a guard in a room who has trained in "Detect Steal Identity" the mask will break. If you unequip the mask from the head slot it will break. Once the timer runs out, it will break. Once broken the mask is lost and a new one must be found.