Greetings Kingdom Makers!

All shards are now back online! To give more context on what happened, please see details below:

While preparing to deploy an update with no planned downtime an issue occurred that caused us to put the game into maintenance.

The game went offline at 2:49pm EST and was restored at 4:43 for a total of 1h 54m of downtime.

To recover from the issue the game was rolled back to the last snapshot which was at 2:30pm, rolling back a total of 19 minutes.

Any purchases made between 2:30 and 2:49 will be re-applied to your account in the next few minutes, if they have not already.

The update, which was bug fixes and content for the next set of events will be deployed tomorrow.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for playing.


Earlier today: 

All shards will be offline shortly for a minimum of one hour as we begin maintenance to resolve unexpected issues with today's deployment.

Thanks for your patience.