Release Date: 3/24/2022
App Version: 26.0.4 (Android & iOS)
Please make sure you download the new version from the App Store!
The morale calculations have been updated to make having a very low morale significantly impact your productivity and performance of your troops. A player can still choose to hit down, but if they do so repeatedly they will open themselves up to counter attacks from levels that previously didn’t have a chance to defeat them. Having peak morale has a more positive impact on all things.
There should be an immediate and clear difference when dealing with the extreme ends of morale. If it is too punishing/rewarding, or still lacks the teeth it needs to function as a deterrent for griefing, then we’ll adjust the values in a future update. Let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to play around with it.
Moving Shards
New players (who install after this update) that are below level 10 can now change which shard they are playing on, through their settings. Existing players who are below level 10 can still contact the CS team asking to be moved manually. They can do this one time only. This will enable new installs to play with their friends who are already playing. The level 10 restriction in moving between shards is there to prevent higher level players from jumping into brand new shards and dominating the local population. Moving between shards is something you do to play with friends, not to get a head start on others.
Economic and Event Changes
  • We have increased the capacity of the four basic resources, more significantly at lower levels where people were hitting the resource cap too frequently.
  • Resources gained from trades can now take you over the maximum capacity, no resources are lost because you hit your capacity limit.
  • Population growth can no longer go negative, it can be zero or positive (a necessary addition to go along with the morale changes)
  • We have increased the variety of events for Nobles.
  • The PvP events have been removed.
  • The mining event "Mine your own business" (which encouraged people to hit miners) has been decreased in frequency to once every two to three weeks.
  • The event calendar was reviewed to reduce the occurrence of getting the same or similar events back-to-back. We also added 4 new events to the pool.
  • Mining capacity has been increased for the smaller mines.
Bug Fixes
  • The “zZz” animation on idle miners was playing for all miners (even if active). It is now correctly only playing on idle miners.
  • Protective bubbles would not pop when capturing a Noble, but they do now
  • The Mask of Many Faces was not letting you enter a keep if the target player was hostile (bad rapport) even if you were stealing a friendly user's identity. It now correctly bases your ability to enter based on the rapport (or alliance membership) of the identity you stole.
  • 17 other bug fixes and performance improvements.