Release Date: 2/10/2022
App Version: 26.0.2 (Android & iOS)
This is our 4th hotfix since releasing v:26.0.0. This update requires no downtime and you do not need to re-download or restart the game to enjoy the improvements it brings!
Room boosting is now working as intended, a bug was causing it to always be 1% when it should range from 1% to 66% (0% if they have a phobia trait). Talent bonuses stack (home econ, room boost, room help), trait bonuses do not stack (bright, brilliant).
It turns out that the noble equipment was not giving bonuses! Now they do. So bonuses that improve XP gain now give you that extra XP and bonuses to trades or combat etc now work as they should in those areas.
Researching the 2nd level of Collier now opens the 2nd slot for that role.
Between levels 7 and 11 the max family size research enabled you to have 8 family members, however you could only have 7 roles... So one baby could never be matured. This is now fixed with 8 roles available between those levels.
We removed the exploit with rams in mining armies. The rams would retreat when attacked and the battle would end with the miner winning (because the rams survived). Rams no longer retreat and will just sit there until destroyed… do not put rams in mining armies.
42 bug fixes, some of which are:
  • Babies matured in a plagued city are now plagued
  • We fixed an error when summoning a noble to an alliance member’s keep who has negative rapport (was an enemy)
  • Tax payouts were failing if a capital city was not occupied
  • Power was not going down when sacrificing or marrying off nobles, it now does
  • Those players who went away for a long time (months, and were on a shard that was merged) were unable to load the game, but now they can, welcome home!
An extra note on power: If you did a lot of sacrificing in M3.0 then your power will take a big hit, especially if you were sacrificing or marrying off mythical Nobles, which were around 100k power when born and +100k power when matured. This was a clear bug and the power numbers are now correct. Power values will show zero until the player opens the game, this triggers a re-calculation. Same goes for alliance power which will be zero and recover as members open the game. Bottom line is, the previous power values were not correct, but they are after this release!