Release Date: 1/24/2022
App Version: 26.0.2 (Android & iOS)
A new version of the game is available in the Apple and Google store, this is not required to play. You can wait for it to auto-update or you can grab it now!

Once installed you will see the following improvements
  • When selecting a role for your children, you can now see the battalion  slots they will have available to them if you have them command an army
  • Traits that are inherited (and can not be re-rolled) are now clearly distinguished from traits that were not inherited (and can be rerolled)
  • We’ve reduced the file size and memory usage of the game, improving the download and loading speed
  • Items in store bundles now show their benefits in the tips you get when you tap on them
  • More Noble details on the screen used to summon your Nobles to other player’s keeps
Bug fixes
  • UI now shows all Noble traits when there are more than eight
  • Five separate bugs that caused the bottom menu or top resource bar to vanish
  • Getting a notification while editing an army caused the edits to be lost
  • ...and 22 more bug fixes!