Release Date: 1/19/2022
App Version: 26.0.1 (Android & iOS)
A new hotfix is now live. No download or restart is required.
  • 17 bug fixes. Mainly around the store and those errors people were getting, some notifications not getting through on Android, some incorrect tooltips, etc.
  • Additional materials added to noble packs / chests at high levels
  • Alliances can now have a maximum of 35 members
  • Temples do not lose levels below level 40. If you have a temple at level 39 and the Temple Keeper gets defeated, it will remain at level 39. If it is level 40 or higher it will lose 1 level!
What's next?

We have one more hotfix in the works that involves a new client. It addresses 35 other issues you guys have reported to us and will also make the game load quicker. After that release is out, and unless anything else comes up, it will be followed by M4 as quickly as possible. New quests and events will be added as they are completed, we will not hold back content in those areas for 'M' releases as we know plenty of you are waiting for the story to continue.