Release Date: 1/10/2022
App Version: 26.0.1 (Android & iOS)
A new hotfix is now live and a new client will be available to download in the Google & Apple store shortly (though the client is not required to continue to play).

This hotfix includes many bug fixes for issues players reported in our bug reports channel and addresses some of the feedback we received in our game-suggestions channel. Some highlights include:
  • Fixing the broken sabotage & heist actions
  • Defenders were only able to deploy one army at a time
  • The issue with marrying off a commander of an army
  • The remaining bronze axe / crossbow / lancers have been converted to silver
  • Events not giving out noble chest tokens
  • Reducing the overall cost to upgrade nobles at all quality levels
  • Fixed the broken power values for some players
As part of this update, and for all existing players only, an additional chest has been added to the item store for the cost of 10 silver which gives you a lot of silver, combat merits, and executioner merits, plus a bunch of common and uncommon rubies and emeralds… which is all you need to max out some high tier roles!