Release Date: 1/3/2022
App Version: 26.0.0 (Android & iOS)
What's new with the latest update?
  • Revamped UI/UX and Graphics
  • Revamped Noble system (Quality, Roles and XP system)
  • Changes in the trading system
  • Unit balance and consolidation
  • PVE targets improvements
  • Added Single-player Quests
  • Added Single-player Events
  • Some Quality of Life improvements
Please scroll down for more information on each item!
Revamped UI/UX and Graphics
We have revamped the in-game User Interface and Graphics for a better Player experience!
  • Makes everyday tasks quicker and easier to complete
  • Adds a more fresh appearance to the game
  • Removed unnecessary information and added more useful and compact info instead
  • Pop-up windows/tabs load quicker with no waiting between transitions
  • Detailed table of stats is still available by tapping the "info" button
  • Each different troop type has now its own artwork instead of minor recoloring with small changes
We understand that this is a big change for everyone, especially our older players out there, however we do hope that you will try our improved UI before making any definitive decisions!
Revamped Noble Quality system
Our Noble Quality system has been revamped for higher impact in the game!
  • Quality levels are now (from lowest to highest): Runt, Normal, Impressive, Exceptional, Legendary and Mythical
  • All existing Nobles will go up a tier in Quality, but no Noble will become a Mythical quality (new highest level)
  • A Noble's quality dictates which role they can be assigned to and their potential to become stronger in that role
  • Each Noble's available traits are dictated by their Quality level
  • After a certain age, each Noble becomes "frail", which is a status. The higher the Quality, the more each Noble can live before they become frail.
  • When breeding, to determine the Quality level of your new Noble, both parents' Quality level is taken into account, with a luck factor that also applies, allowing the possibility of breeding a higher Quality Noble (compared to the parents).
Get ready to unleash your potential!
Revamped Noble Roles System
Our Noble Role system has been revamped for higher impact in the game!
  • A Noble's role will be assigned by the user as part of the process of maturing them out of the nursery
  • Roles are permanent, so once you've assigned a role to your Noble, you cannot change it again
  • Some roles have been removed and others have been added
  • Already existing Nobles will remain to their already assigned roles, if these roles still exist in the game, but if their already assigned roles have been removed from the game, they will be assigned to a role automatically
  • Nobles perform tasks related to their role better than those tasks not related to their role. For example, a Captain is going to be poor at trading when compared to a Merchant, and a Merchant is going to be poor at dungeon crawling when compared to an Explorer
  • TIP 1: All roles can boost rooms in your keep, but the Explorer gives the largest bonuses to room boosting, as dungeon crawling has the longest cooldown (meaning they'll be at home more than others)
  • TIP 2: Paladins, Executioners, Prospectors and Agents give 2 extra champion slots in any army they command
To ensure a smooth transition from the previous version of this feature, to the new one, we have invented a new item, called "The Pearlized Pacifier" or "P.C.P"! All existing Nobles will receive several instances of this item, which will allow them every player to revert Nobles back to babies and choose the role they prefer (and of course, free rename and trait reroll comes with it).
P.C.Ps are not sold in our store and crafting is not possible. This item was solely made for the sake of this transition!
Revamped Noble XP System
Our Noble XP system has been revamped along with the other Noble features found in our patch notes!
  • Nobles will earn XP by performing any actions, but more XP by performing actions related to their role
  • Similar to Champions, Nobles will have a single "level-up" button to increase their stats
  • By accessing the level-up panel in each Noble's profile, you can see the stat increase before you level them up
  • Existing Noble skills and unused skill points will be converted into XP, so that nobody loses anything they already have!
Changes in the trading system
We have made some changes in the Trading system, with the goal to make this feature hold more impact in the game.
  • Nobles that hold the Barter talent (Merchant role), start off with more trading options than others. They're able to exchange silver for other resources
  • Each upgrade of this talent unlocks a new resource that is available in exchange for silver
  • The latest level of Barter allows them to access the "Wandering Merchant's trading post", if you can find it on the map
  • Nobles with Agent role start with Improved Barter talent, allowing them to perform the same trades as a Merchant, but eventually are able to exchange directly one resource for another (no silver involved)
  • Fully upgraded Agents can even convert refined materials
  • Trade posts are becoming much more useful now due to the above and with increased trade activity, increased tax payouts are also waiting those that hold capital spots!
Single-player Quests
We have added a series of story-driven single-player quests, where you and Owlie set off on adventures to earn resources and unique prices that cannot be found elsewhere in the game!
The current season themes are "Battle to rid the realm of a new Orc Leader", "Go on a witch hunt with Owlie" and "Save people from a tyrannical King"!
These quests can be accessed via the Objectives tab, under the Quests sub-tab (next to our daily goals). No matter your player level, everyone has to start from the beginning, so older players might find the first chapters quite easy to complete, but still worth their time!
This is just the beginning of the Kingdom Maker story, so we hope you enjoy it and we're looking forward to hear from you! More seasons are bound to come in the future along with our next major releases!
Single-player Events
We're introducing the first form of Events in the Kingdom Maker world!
  • A series of single-player events, much like the daily goals but much more demanding and rewarding at the same time
  • The difficulty and size of the prizes scale with each player's level, so everyone (no matter their level) should find them challenging
  • The Events tab can be found on the top right of your main screen!
This is just a first attempt to introduce Events into the game. Much more to come in the future!
Quality of Life improvements
Here are some other changes that our new update brought with it, that will improve your daily gaming experience!
  • Nobles can now explore dungeons without being assigned to an Army
  • Army healing, Building upgrades and Research upgrades can be booster for free in their last 5 minutes
  • Speed-ups (boosts) now give you a warning before you use them if their reduction time exceeds the remaining time of an ongoing upgrade
  • By tapping on a camp or town on the map, you can access information like who is the owner, their power count and the potential loot if successful in an attack against them
  • Just above the bookmarks button, there's a button that appears when you're away from your city and browsing around the map. By tapping it, you instantly return to your city!
We'll always keep doing our best to improve the in-game experience and we're always happy to hear your thoughts about that!
PVE Targets
With the unit changes, bug fixes, and Noble Commander changes, we have updated all PvE targets to ensure they remain balanced in both their difficulty and reward. We have also included a power value on all PvE targets to help players get a better idea as to how difficult a target may be.
Please share your feedback with us for further improvements!
Unit Consolidation
The early Tier 1 (bronze) Axemen, Crossbowmen and Lancers were not distinct enough from the Tier 1 Swordsman, Archers and Cavalry. In later tiers (T2 Silver and T3 Gold) they serve their respective roles well, but in the early game they did not, so we are removing the ability to train them. We are converting any existing bronze Axemen, Crossbowmen and Lancers to Silver for free!
Unit Balance
Based on feedback from players, data from tens of thousands of battles, and the bug fixes below, we have modified a lot of the speed, damage and health stats of units. Here's a full list of the changes.
  • Swordsmen speed 3.0 > 2.8
  • Axeman DPS 6 > 3
  • Axeman splash radius 3 > 2
  • Crossbowmen DPS 5 > 8
  • Cavalry HP 1,600 > 1,800
  • Cavalry DPS 9 > 8
  • Cavalry splash radius 3 > 2
  • Lancer speed increased from various values to 3
  • Catapults DPS 1,326 > 300 (they were super OP)
  • Catapults HP 1,085 > 4,330 (no longer a ‘glass cannon’)
  • Rams DPS 2,700 > 1,500
  • Rams HP 1,750 > 8,500
  • Ballista DPS 3,938 > 1,000
  • Ballista HP 800 > 4,330
  • Ballista Range 16 > 20
  • Trebuchet DPS 2,660 > 1,500
  • All machine aggro ranges updated so they do not run off and attack the wrong thing
These are all base values, the new Noble system lets the Commanders of armies apply both boosts and modifiers that impact troop stats.
DPS = Damage Per Second, it factors in the damage the unit does when they strike as well as how often they strike. This single number lets you better compare a unit that does a lot of damage but not very often with a unit that does a little damage but more frequently.
Splash Radius =  When a unit strikes a target it can do damage to other nearby targets, targets inside the “Splash Radius”. The damage those targets take is some percentage of the base damage and factors in the distance from the strike. It would not make much sense for a person swinging a sword to hurt someone far away, but a rock fired by a trebuchet smashing through a wall would cause some collateral damage to people nearby.
Bug Fixes
  • Troops not moving when you change the deployment location
  • Defending troops spawning on top of attacking
  • Reins taking damage before getting deployed
  • A long delay before seeing the victory screen
  • Some of the larger refinery packs had incorrect cost
  • If neither the attacking or defending units move for a period of time, the combat will time out in favor of the defender - this is to resolve an exploit
  • We also had several bugs with research and Battalion Equipment (BEQ) that were causing them not to work as intended (or at all). Fixing these issues as well as the change to Noble Commanders was partly the driving force behind the larger changes in the DPS you see in our other FAQs. This is because the bonuses from BEQ and research were not working as intended.
  • ...and over 500 smaller bug fixes!
Heads up! - Armies Configuration & Disbanding
Please note that every player will get their existing armies disbanded as they upgrade to M3, and therefore will need to build them from scratch. This is because established armies may not be compatible with our revamped Noble system (which is introducing new buffs and traits), so we need to prompt everyone to reassemble those armies again.
While we understand this may be a frustrating experience for some, we’d also like to invite you to explore with your battalions and your (brand new) Nobles. There are plenty of exciting new configurations and royal builds to create!
We thank you for your understanding here and apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause you. Stay in the lookout for a little token of appreciation during release day. That will arrive directly to your inbox. ;)
Thanks for your continued support!