As you progress you can unlock different types of troops/units. Each type serves a specific purpose on the battlefield.
  • Infantry
  • Ranged
  • Mounted
  • Siege Machines
Troops/Units also come in tiers (from the weakest Tier 1, to the strongest Tier 3). You can tell them apart by the color of their icon border:
  • Bronze for Tier 1
  • Silver for Tier 2
  • Gold for Tier 3
Certain Troops/Units fit in better with specific Champions, depending on each Champion's skills.
Make sure to open the information page for each Troop/Unit to read their description and review their stats, so you can understand their pros and cons and make good use of them.
Troop/Unit base stats can be improved by researching further in the "Combat" research tree in the Academy.
Below you can find a list of all the Troops/Units in the game.
  • Militia Swordsman (Bronze)
  • Regular Swordsman (Silver)
  • Axeman (Silver)
  • Veteran Swordsman (Gold)
  • Veteran Axeman (Gold)
  • Militia Archer (Bronze)
  • Regular Archer (Silver)
  • Crossbowman (Silver)
  • Veteran Archer (Gold)
  • Veteran Crossbowman (Gold)
  • Militia Cavalry (Bronze)
  • Regular Cavalry (Silver)
  • Regular Lancer (Silver)
  • Veteran Cavalry (Gold)
  • Veteran Lancer (Gold)
Siege Machines:
  • Battering Ram (Silver)
  • Heavy Battering Ram (Gold)
  • Trebuchet (Silver)
  • Heavy Trebuchet (Gold)
  • Catapult (Silver)
  • Heavy Catapult (Gold)
  • Ballista (Silver)
  • Heavy Ballista (Gold)

For more information about troops and their behavior please refer to this article Troops in-depth