Events are always running in Kingdom Maker and you can participate to claim great rewards! Open our events tab which is found on the top right of your screen and read each event's rules and instructions to gather points.

These are our currently available event types:
Solo Milestone
  • Gather points and reach many milestones with rewards hidden behind them
  • Rewards can be claimed right after you reach each milestone
Solo Leaderboard
  • Gather points and compete against other players in the scoreboard
  • The higher your ranking, the higher the reward when the event ends

Alliance Events

  • Be in the alliance you want to participate in
  • Collect some personal points in order to be able to claim rewards
Please keep in mind that certain events might not be visible depending on your level.

All event rewards if left unclaimed will automatically be sent to your account.

We're always looking for ways to improve our events system, in terms of balance and variety - stay tuned for more!