Though all quests are available in a single UI, Kingdom Maker has three flavors of quests:

  • These quests are available to everyone from day one and there are several tracks that run in parallel, displayed in a simple quest board with no narrative
  • Their completion is directly related to the progress of your city
  • Usually they reward you with the same type of resources you spent to complete each respective upgrade, as if you're getting some of what you spent back
  • These are our old objectives/quests and act as a "todo" list for the player, as a helper when trying to move forward
  • Be the main character in this single player storyline and meet many new characters that can be with you or against you in this campaign!
  • You can start this at any time and it is not required to find the starting point on the map, you can start it from anywhere
  • Unlike objective quests, they follow a story and have the player interacting with different characters in the dialogue as the story progresses
  • Through this, you'll be chasing after more exciting goals, such as destroying specific orc camps, interacting with NPCs, and crawling through dungeons
  • The focus of this set of quests is to be fun, encourage exploration, and to introduce the player to systems they will use with other players.
  • Most, if not all of these quests, use instanced targets (that only the player on the quest can see), so the targets are unique and tie into the narrative
  • Complete daily challenges to earn points and fill up your daily milestone meter
  • Claim rewards from each quest completed and generate points that reset daily
  • Claim rewards by completing each milestone
  • A variety of challenges included, like combat, mining, dungeons or even to grow your power
  • Complete your dailies for 7 days, to claim even bigger rewards (doesn't have to be 7 days straight, progress is not lost due to inactivity)
All of them can be tracked through the Quest tab, on the left side of your screen.
Stay tuned for more!