NOTICE: This FAQ is only published in English, as the items in this list are subject to change at any given moment. We hope for your understanding.
Many reported issues will get resolved relatively quickly, but sometimes it can take a bit longer to get to the bottom of a technical issue or bug.

Here is where you can find a list of widespread issues currently being investigated by our developers. Please note that there may be other issues not listed that we are working on as well.

This list will be updated regularly, and issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved.
To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please see our FAQ on How To Submit A New Bug Report
  • Minimum device requirements needed to run the game:

    • For iOS devices:

      OS version - 13

      3GB of Ram

    • For Android devices:

      OS version - 12

      4GB of Ram

  • Unable to edit the description of your alliance. 
  • Players cannot upgrade their Battalion Equipment even though they have enough materials.

  • Unable to collect resources, as a temporary workaround, please collect them by tapping on the Hourglass, located on the left side of your screen

  • In some languages, the Morale is not being displayed properly
  • Some players have been experiencing a visual bug regarding ransoms, those are being displayed as half as what you requested but pay out full since it's just a visual bug.
    Example: I can ransom someone for 500k stone, they see it as 250k and pay it, they lose 500k
  • Some users can only use promo codes via the webstore
  • Prisoners wandering the keep freely. 
  • Players missing Special offers in the offers tab
  • Room boosts not showing the correct value (visual)
  • Certain Winterholm Chests can contain rewards that are greater than the displayed values (which are the minimum rewards for each chest).
  • Battalion equipment color error
  • Visual issue, the gold amount appear 0 on the button while placing/upgrading buildings.
    (The amount gets deducted from the account.)
  • Orcish Diplomacy Event Reward is showing zero Uncommon Iron as a reward
  • Mysterious and Glittering Mines giving different Rewards
  • A friend in Need Quest not completing, if you are having issues with this quest, please contact the support team to get this fixed
  • "City Haul" IAP purchase bug (it shows that you can buy the pack twice but after buying it once, the pack disappears)
  • Banner and noble equipment upgrade error while there enough resources to upgrade them
  • If your Alliance or Global chat disappear (empty contents), please contact the support team to get this fixed
  • Attacking Citadels rewards less points towards an Event's completion compared to what is stated in the point board, however there are no disadvantages as the same happens with all users
  • Morale warning pop-up does not appear when attempting to hit lower levels
  • Delve (any level) Noble Talent does not contribute to the actual research speed
  • Temple Keepers cannot edit the status of other members, while their alliance management access should be the same as Alliance Managers
  • Troops maimed (stat in player profile) does not display the correct number (last digits are cut out)
  • "Unexpected server error" messages come up at times while performing various actions in the game, in rare times where certain services might not be working as intended.
  • The tutorial with Owlie repeats itself after deleting the app and installing it again (or after recovering a lost account).
  • Using the Mask of Many Faces to copy a Noble from a culled player can cause the game to crash when trying to perform certain actions or access your city.