Maintenance Start: Thursday 10/6- 11am PDT  

Downtime: None




Title: October 6th Update - Refinements for the Refinery

We’re happy to announce the introduction of some quality of life improvements with a new Refinery.

This update was created with several goals in mind:

  • Make the Refinery easier to understand, with a clearer user interface.

  • Offer more choices when refining.

  • Reduce the cases where the refinery pays out zero of certain resources.


This new Refinery is now available, and we’re eager to hear what you think. If you haven’t already, please visit your device’s app store to update to the latest Kingdom Maker client to check it out.



  • Performance Improvements

    • Optimized certain visual assets to reduce memory loads.

    • Scrolling around the world map should now be faster and more responsive.

  • Bug Fixes

    • The Massive Dungeon cooldown has been updated to 1 day 8 hours.

    • The UI has been updated to make it easier to notice when you have idle miners.

    • The ‘Trade Complete’ report now properly shows what was received.

    • It’s now possible to view your Noble profile from the dungeon exploration screen when selecting who to send.

    • The Fancy Chest tab should now report the correct number of openable chests.

    • Cleared the large rocks that were near certain mine entrances.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause a City name to disappear after relocation.

    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Victory toast to appear in the report for a battle that was lost.

    • ‘Reward Modifiers’ will no longer sometimes appear behind the ‘Task Complete’ notification.

    • Battalion ranges will no longer sometimes appear black on the battlefield.

    • Tier 4 machines are now more visually distinct in staged armies on the county map.

    • The green bar on daily goal progress has been restored.

    • The Royal Troops icon no longer goes missing from reports.

    • The option wheel will no longer sometimes remain on screen after moving a building and saving.

    • The Noble option wheel should no longer sometimes disappear when attempting to perform  an action.

    • Corrected a tooltip on some trade rewards that was labeled ‘Assassin’.

    • Corrected Game Center text was difficult to read during account recovery.

    • The ‘Level Up’ Champion buttons no longer overlaps to a second line.

    • Corrected an icon on the ‘Rename’ button when renaming your noble.

    • Corrected missing text in the ‘Cannot send alliance invite’ notification.

    • The Champions Darvash and Sorelle are now higher resolution.

    • Top results are no longer sometimes clipped when searching for an Alliance.

    • Resolved an issue where localized text could be cut off.

    • Realigned titles on some iOS devices.

    • Improved in-game messaging for future server merges.

    • The correct error messages now display when attempting to assign a Champion to a different slot in the same army or upgrade the equipment of a Noble not in the Keep.

    • It is no longer possible to become stuck when summoning in the ‘Greet Seraphina’ quest.

    • The crown is now properly highlighted in the ‘With Great Power…’ quest.

    • Resolved an issue where the portrait of an NPC sometimes did not match the quest in progress.

    • ‘Dungeon Large Cooldown’ now reads ‘Large Dungeon Cooldown’.

    • ‘Offers’ have been renamed to ‘Specials’.

    • Added a more descriptive description to the Lord Protector crown.

    • Noble interaction options will no longer sometimes become jumbled after a Charm attempt.

    • Some effects that improve crafting speed and cost, such as assigning a Noble to the Workshop, now apply properly to Alliance Materials.