Release Date: 7/19/2022
App Version: 27.0.5 (Android & iOS)
No update from the store is required!
Noble Breeding Update
Improvements are coming to the Noble appearance system. Previously, the system that we used to determine the look of a noble was relatively simple and we just blended the appearance of both parents. This could unintentionally cause offspring to have a very different appearance from the Nobles that spawned them, and, over time, your Nobles would slowly start to all look the same, losing their uniqueness.
To help prevent that, we’ve introduced the following changes:
  • Each Noble will have both apparent and hidden attributes for every element of their appearance.
  • When your Noble couples boink, the appearance of their offspring will be determined by choosing a mix of both the hidden and apparent attributes from both parents, then a dash of randomness is added to make each new Noble more unique.
  • Only the original apparent and hidden appearance of each Noble’s parents are passed down by them. Randomized variants will not be passed down. This preserves the look of your original nobles as their descendants spread out into the realm.
  • The result should be that the appearance you chose for your original Nobles will give their bloodline a distinctive look through the generations, while children born to the same parents won’t look like clones of one another.
  • This will NOT change the appearance of any Nobles born prior to this update. Only Nobles conceived after this update will use this new system. This includes any nobles currently in the nursery waiting to be matured.
  • If notifications are enabled, you’ll now be alerted when an army is finished mining and is ready for recall.
  • Armies deployed against Separatist Camps and Royal Armies will now automatically begin to advance in 15 seconds, down from 60 seconds.
  • There is no change to this auto-deployment timer in other PvE or PvP battles.