Release Date: 6/30/2022
App Version: 27.0.5 (Android & iOS)
Please make sure you download the new version from the Store!


  • Special event "The Midas Touch" running on 7/4/2022
  • Gladius Maximus events where you can unlock a new set of swords; the Gladius, and Gladius Maximus
  • New $1 offer and some other store packs are also included


  • For our older players who completed the 3rd chapter of the quest system before the 4th chapter was released, the 4th chapter can now be played


  • There will be a button in settings to enable/disable the real-time auto-translation feature in the chat

Bug Fixes

  • New players can now move to shards that are no longer accepting new installs, they no longer show as “under maintenance” (some shards might still be unavailable if they haven't been opened yet)
  • The red dot on alliance help will now only show when there are requests you can help with
  • The family and alliance leaderboards now show everyone, not just the top 25
  • A bug where alliance chat would sometimes vanish has been fixed
  • The "special offers" part of our in-game store was empty for some users and that has been fixed
  • Fixed the crafting pop-up that would appear half off the user's screen when playing in any language other than EN