Release Date: 5/27/2022
App Version: 27.0.2 (Android & iOS)
Please make sure you download the new version from the Store!

Chat filter:

  • This feature was disabled a few days after our original 27.0.1 release due to the need for improvements
  • This release contained some fine-tuning but the filter has not been activated again just yet (please stay tuned for more news)

Bug fixes:

  • Claim button fails to disappear after claiming event rewards
  • Packs now contain protected resources again
  • Already collected prizes appear as blanks to the user
  • Missing translations in certain languages
  • Army tab was blank (no armies or create button)
  • Game crash when tapping on "Married" trait
  • Missing artwork from our store's special section
  • Incorrect amount of gold displayed in the "not enough gold" purchase pop-up while building/upgrading in your city
  • Missing shadows from certain 3D objects
  • Duplicate events appear when moving to a different shard
  • A few more bug fixes (less impactful) and server side improvements