Release Date: 5/23/2022
App Version: 27.0.1 (Android & iOS)
Please make sure you download the new version from the App Store!
General Updates
  • The game was translated in 6 more languages (FR, DE, IT, ES, BR/PT, TR)
  • Our customer support team is now able to support also in FR/DE/IT/ES and all our FAQs have also been translated to those languages
  • We're introducing a chat filtering system that will censor inappropriate words using an adjustable filter. Our next release will also include a toggle to turn this feature on/off
  • Two new single-player quest campaigns are now available after completing the 3rd chapter of the existing storyline
  • Updates to PvE difficulty, mostly tuning around targets which were so easy they offered the player an opportunity to grind too cheaply
  • Improved Events by taking shard/server age into consideration
  • Updated loot in the Woodland and Quarry NPC locations
  • Married boink success improves with Noble Quality
  • Genetics system updated to ensure the hair color of children is a blend of the parents' colors
  • Morale now drops quicker when hitting many levels down or hitting players who are "smoking" from previous battles
  • The impact morale has on unit HP and DPS has been increased
  • Your morale can now be seen on the top left corner of your main screen, next to your family crest/banner
  • Sacrificing Nobles no longer impacts your morale
Alliance Help
  • Players in Kingdom Maker can ask their alliance members for help for any queue. Alliance members can Help each other, with each Help providing either 1m or 1% of the total queue timer. Players unlock more helps per Keep level as they progress.
  • This feature highly increases the benefit from being in an active alliance
UX/UI Updates
  • Reskin Alliance menu
  • Reskin Player profile
  • Improved information availability on City view
  • Added visual feedback when buttons are pressed
Thank you again for your continued support!