Greet, Charm, Kiss and Boink your Nobles with each other and strangers to make Babies. Babies are all born with similar stats but some have potential to grow more than others. Their potential (quality) can be found on their profile page and ranges from Runt to Mythical.

The quality of the parents dictate the quality and stat potential of their offspring, however there's always a chance that they can give birth to lower or higher quality babies. How babies look is also based on how their parents and grandparents looked. Though you can inbreed, results can be... unpredictable, so it is best for a healthy family to seek out partners from other families.

Here are some more details about making Noble babies:
  • Married Nobles have a higher chance of having a baby when "boinking"
  • Any baby born to a married royal couple is also a Royal
  • Unmarried Nobles have a lower chance to have a baby by ''boinking''
  • Nobles born out of wedlock have the "bastard" trait
  • Nobles born from within the family have the "inbred" trait
  • After a Noble is born, it takes a while for them to mature (or you can speed it up with gold)
  • A Noble baby's name can be changed for free before maturing or with a small cost after
  • All Noble babies need to have an assigned role before they can mature
  • Noble babies that mature, start at 18 years old
  • Nobles slowly age as time passes, until they become "frail", which is also a trait that affects their overall performance
  • The age of becoming "frail" varies depending on each Noble's quality
You can find more information on Noble quality, roles & traits in our other FAQs!