Each Noble is born with a specific level of Quality, that dictates how much they can improve each area. The available Quality levels are (from lowest to highest):
  • Runt
  • Normal
  • Impressive
  • Exceptional
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
Nobles with higher Quality...
  • Have a greater impact on room boosting & room helping
  • Access a large number of possible traits at birth.
  • Have a larger number of birth trait slots.
  • Have a larger number of trait rerolls.
  • Have an increased interaction success bonus per level.
  • Have an increased interaction defense bonus success per level.
  • Higher influence on rapport change values.
  • Require more XP for level up
  • Require more resources to unlock their Talents
A Noble's Quality is based on the Quality of their parents and some luck. The amount they can improve each stat is also partially based on their parents. Though there's always a chance of having a high quality child, the higher Quality the parents the greater the chance their offspring will be higher Quality.

A Noble's Quality is determined at birth. "Boink" with higher Quality Nobles to birth higher Quality Nobles!