Every Alliance leader can designate one member as that Alliance's "Temple Keeper". The Temple Keeper can construct the Alliance's Temple inside their city by using Temple Blocks (both for building and upgrading). This material can be crafted by all members and sent to the Temple Keeper, which means the whole alliance can contribute to the Temple's progress!

As the Temple is upgraded, spells are unlocked and upgraded with it! Spells provided by the Temple need to be charged before use, by winning battles against Orcs and Humans as an attacker or a reinforcer of an attacker. The higher the level of unit you attack, the more you charge your Alliance's spells. Spells don't charge up from lost battles. You can select which spell you prefer to charge by accessing the Temple from your Alliance tab.

Once a spell is charged enough to cast, the Temple keeper can initiate the cast. When spells have multiple levels (from the Temple upgrades), the Temple Keeper can cast them as soon as they have enough charge for level 1, or they can wait for more levels to charge before doing so. Any unused charge is carried over to the next cast, but when a spell is fully charged, any accumulated charge points are lost, which means it's best to pick another spell to charge if it comes to that. Positive spells can be cast on your alliance to boost production, army movement speed or army stats. Negative spells can be cast on your enemies' cities, keeps or entire counties!

If the Temple Keeper leaves, is kicked, or the Alliance Leader picks a different player for this role, the Temple is removed from their city and is in "Limbo", preventing any Temple upgrades, spell charging or spell casting. The new Temple Keeper can rebuild the Temple in their city straight on the same previously achieved level (upgrades are not lost in this event). While rebuilding, spells cannot be charged or cast, as a cooldown for moving the Temple. Gold cannot be used to speed up this process.

The Temple grants the Temple Keeper's city additional space in their Watchtowers and Platforms to garrison troops. This amount increases along with the Temple level. If their city loses the Temple, those additional units are removed from their defense spots and return to their reserves.

Keep in mind, that if the Temple Keeper's city is defeated in battle and the Temple is level 40 or higher, it loses a level (this does not apply for Temples level 39 or below)! Also If the Temple Keeper's city is defeated in battle while the Temple is upgrading, the upgrade is cancelled and the resources used for that upgrade are lost!